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The easiest way to record an interview is by using a conference calling facility.

You and the person you are interviewing dial into a pre-arranged number, the call is recorded and you have your CD product.

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You can even have several people on the call at once if you want to record a discussion or have a range of views.
The following providers are two that are widely used:

For more providers, do a simple web search for 'conference call recording'.

The exact services available may vary depending on your country but normally the service is available internationally and you can easily interview experts in other countries.

From these providers, conference call services and recording are usually free. Though you may have to pay for the calls and any extra services you request.

Once you have completed your call you will be able to download the recording for editing.

The sign up process varies between providers but they usually make it pretty simple to get started. The actual recording of the call is also a simple matter of following a step-by-step process.

Just do make sure that the call is being recorded as having no recording means you don't have a a product.

Some tips for a successful recording:

  • When you record an interview make sure that you are speaking slowly and clearly.
  • You are in charge of the call so if your guest needs to speak up or clarify anything, make sure you tell them
  • .
  • Keep your list of questions in front of you but don't follow it slavishly. Be ready to make changes in response to what your interviewee says. Make it as natural as possible
  • .
  • Stick as closely as possible to the timing agreed in advance for the benefit of your guest and for the audience.
After the recording, you can listen to it online and then download it for editing.

Abbey's Advice
It's easier than you think. Try it out with a friend or someone you know well to make sure you are confident before your first real interview.

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1.1  How To Be A Publisher.

2.1  How To Start An Info Products Business
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     2.3   Ten Steps To Creating An Audio Product

3.1  Five Ways To Achieve Your Goal
     3.2   How To Find Experts To Interview

4.1  How To Record An Interview
     4.2   The Recording Process
     4.3   Editing The Recording
     4.4   Duplicating Your Recordings
     4.5   Make a Transcription

5.1  How To Promote Your Product
     5.2   How To Create a Mailing List
     5.3   How To Prepare a Sales Letter

6.1  How To Collect Payments / Shipping Your Product

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